About us


Our clients are always perfectly satisfied with our adduced work. The high demands that our clients make, are the minimized claims, we have to settle. To reach this, quality, experience and availability are the strengths of our service.


As a service company in the aviation department, the quality and security of our services are at the very fore. With the cooperation of our highly qualified staff and a huge fleet of modern vehicles, we are able to arrange all services very safely, quickly and efficiently.


The 2010 established company Air Hamburg Executive Handling is an affiliated company of Air Hamburg. On terms of executive /VIP and cargo handling, we fall back on long lasting, funded know-how and experience. Because of the combination of long lasting experience and current measure for further education and qualification, we are able to settle the claims of our clients with our highly qualified and motivated staff.


Our 54 members of staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because of an optimized shift work plan, we are able to offer our clients, in spite of high availability, the best service at minimum cost.